Example of a simple CV to download

Compatible with

Google Slides
Microsoft Powerpoint
Open Office

Here is an example of a simple CV in PowerPoint format to download. The CV is simple with a touch of creativity, which makes it simple in a way that is not boring to readers. In addition to its colors used, its small graphics, its fonts that play an important role in the appearance of this CV. On the left side of the CV is the profile picture, a section of contact data, languages, skills and interests. At the top there the name of profil written in bold and small description of the profil. In the middle, this part of the resume is devoted to professional experiences, formations, and improvements that are ordered chronologically. The CV download is free so enjoy and download the resume; edit it with your information and save the resume in PDF or PowerPoint format.

Main features: Example of a simple CV

  • Adjustable version on 2007 or more versions supports PPTX format,
  • Ready to print,
  • Size does not exceed 140kb,
  • Paper A4 Size

Steps to get a better result:

  1. Download the example first,
  2. Download and install fonts if necessary,
  3. Open the example on the program and edit,
  4. Save example in PDF format,
  5. Print or send via email,

Used font:

  • Open Sans – You can download it here
  • Copy all fonts on the path : C: \ Windows \ Fonts

Modification Method:

First of all download and copy the fonts on the path C: Windows/Fonts, And then download the .PPTX example and open it on the Powerpoint program (note: the version that allows you to modify the CV is a copy of 2007 or above). now the editing phase will be very easy to change any information by itself and write your own information. then change the image by right-clicking on the image and go to Change Picture

Download : A4